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Kim Kardashian & Kanye West; Where Does Their Marriage Stand?

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Kim Kardashian West's Marriage;

Kim Kardashian West’s Marriage; Last year was not particularly the best for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West especially towards the end of the year. Following Kim’s Paris gun point robbery and Kanye’s emotional melt down shortly before his music tour, the couple’s marriage took a downward dive as the incidences put a strain on their individual careers and also on their marriage unfortunately.

While sources closed to the duo constantly dismissed rumors of a divorce on behalf of  the couple, it was no secret that their marriage took a nosedive following the preceding incidents and is still not in its best shape says a reporter.

Kanye had a melt down during one of his performance which led to his been hospitalized. This put a little pressure on Kim as she had to abandon all and fly back to Los Angeles to support her husband. To make matters worst, Kanye wasn’t making things easy for the TV star as he was said to be constantly throwing tantrums and spiraling out of control more often than not.

Although this behavior is reported to have been a constant occurrence since Kanye’s mum Dona West’s death and usually around the time of the anniversary, this year’s melt down was way above the roof. According to report, Kanye was not prepared for his mother’s death and some how blames himself for her death. He also has not completely gotten over her demise and his reactions to that is usually more obvious during the time of the anniversary.

Although Kanye is undergoing therapy and even cancelling while Kim on the other hand seem  not to have given up on her 3rd marriage just yet, things do not particularly seem alright with the couple. According to sources, the ride or die couple now barely tolerate each other just to keep up public appearances.

Kim is reported to have visited Kanye’s mum’s grave with the children and they family of 4  was even sported in the front row of Kris Jenner’s 2016 family Christmas party

While Kim hopes to make this marriage work and is reported to be frantically making effort particularly for the sake of their 2 children, she already has made provision for a back up plan. According to the star, should they have to go their separate ways, she is offering to take the children with her while her rapper husband keeps his cash.

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