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And Finally Gambia’s Jameh Flees Home Country, Goes Into Exile

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Finally, Gambia's Jammeh flees home country.

Finally, Gambia’s Jammeh flees home country. You take over leadership of a country by coup, you rule for 22 years, you finally loose power in a free and fair elections because after years of ruling your people, you have not impacted them enough to want a continuation of you.

You loose election but refuse to step down and even have your tenure extended for 3 months. You are persuaded peacefully by all necessary authorities but you chose to be adamant instead of doing the needful.

Now all hope of a peaceful transition is lost and the military is unleashed against you and your next call of action is to flee your home country and the very seat you have so clunged to, not willing to let go.

I personally would have thought that you sure had a game plan every other person didn’t know about?

Former president Yahaha Jameh of Gambia has gone into exile, fleeing his home country on the day of inauguration for his replacement Adama Barrow.

Prior to his defeat in the December 1, 2016 election to his opponent Adama Barrow, the Gambia president has been in office as president of the Gambia for the past 22 years. H e seized power from Gambia’s first president Dawda Jawara who had ruled from 1970-1994 by coupe and was for the first time elected in to office in 1996. He again worn elections in the Gambia’s 2001 elections and was re-elected 2001,  2006 and 2011 respective.

Over this span of years, Jahya Jammeh transitioned from a supposed leader to a brutal dictator and a nightmare to his country, acquiring all kinds of tittles including “His Excellency Sheikh Professor Alhaji Doctor Yahya AJJ Jammeh Babili Mansa”. Babili Mansa meaning conqueror of rivers.

He is also known for expressing bizarre views including claims that he can cure with herbal concoctions HIV Aids and Infertility in women. A view strongly condemned by health experts.

After his 2011 election victory in a sign that his credibility among African union leaders had dropped, the regional body of ECOWAS- Economic Community of West African States refused to endorse his victory on account that they believed voters and opposition were intimidated and coerced into voting.

His withdrawal from the common wealth in 2013 was further confirmation that Mr Jammeh was set on a part of lone ruthlessness and brutality.

He was quoted in 2011 in an interview with BBC as saying he will rule Gambia for a billion years to come if Allah permits him. He also said he did not fear that the fate of the presidents of  Lybia and Egypet could befall him. For him, he is not afraid of any mortal and only Allah can remove him from office.

Efforts by West African leaders to persuade Jammeh to accept electoral defeat fell on deaf ears leading the international community with only one option; which is to  remove him by force.

Jammeh lost the presidential election on December 1, 2016, according to the Gambian electoral commission; however, he wants the results cancelled, claiming errors in the electoral process.

Senegal had given Jammeh yesterday’s midnight as deadline to quit and its troops were reported to have moved towards the border with The Gambia in readiness to throw him out.

Military sources also confirmed that troops from the sub-region, led by Nigeria, Ghana and Senegal, had been deployed to the tiny West African country to make good their threat of over throwing Jameh the same way he did Dawda if he does not step down.

In the meantime, after making a long stand of not accepting defeat peacefully, the Gambian president has in the face of the reality that the UN intend to make real their threats fled his country to an unknown destination.

So much for greed for power.

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