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Nigeria’s President Proceeds On Annual Leave In The Midst Of Crisis

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Buhari's annual leave amidst Nigeria's crisis.

Buhari’s annual leave amidst Nigeria’s crisis. In many ways, the governor of Ekiti state Ayodele Fayose is not my person but truth be told even if it comes from the person you naturally will not take side with.  It is not hard for me to admit that this time, he has hit the nail right on its head.

He is simply more than right on the president of the federal republic of Nigeria Muhammadu Buhari’s spending on foreign trips, but more questionably the timing in this instance and then the implication of this on the lives of Nigerians.

So in the midst of the God knows how many unsolved crisis the country is facing, the president thinks that observing his annual leave at this very moment is mandatory.

According to a letter read by the senate president Bukola Saraki, Nigeria’s president, Muhammadu Buhari will be proceeding on a 10 day leave soon.

Senate president, Bukola Saraki said this on Thursday morning at a plenary session, the president will be embarking on a 10 day annual leave vacation. Vice president, Yemi Osinbajo will be acting president during Buhari’s leave.

The official statement from the president read;

“President Muhammadu Buhari leaves for the United Kingdom today on a short leave, which is part of his annual vacation. He is expected to resume work on February 6, 2017.”

Ruling a country is no different from running a business. In fact in real essence, it is pretty much a business because that is what you do for a living.

No decent CEO of a company will jet out to a foreign country for an annual leave if it is obvious his business is on a verge of a collapse. No CEO will consider vacation a priority in the midst of unsolved crisis because a smart CEO knows that such a vacation might just be the very last one he will be observing if it is done at the expense of the survival of his company.

We do not advocate that the president forfeits his benefits as a leader of this nation but timing is everything. At the very least, let the pressing issues be addressed to a fair conclusion first.

It is a sign of total disregard for the lives of the average Nigerian if in spite of the recent bombing of Rann IDP Camp by the very people who should protect them, the president’s next action is an immediate vacation far away from the crisis and groaning of the affected.

More than the fact that he opts to go away for an annual leave in a foreign country, it is even more disheartening that there is no sign of any serious action with respect to this claimed accidental bombing of Rann IDP Camp.

This is aside the southern Kaduna killings that lingered for so long before getting a response from him

So you wonder, do Nigerian politicians truly understand what service is all about? Do they remotely understand what being in public service entails?

It goes to confirm that when they fight tooth and nail to gain these appointments, the last thing on their minds even though that’s the story they sell to gullible Nigerians is the people. Each day, Nigerian politicians keep confirming that political appointments for them is an opportunity to get an unscrupulous life style at the expenses of the very people who vote them in.

Sad. Very sad.

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