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Late Lt. Col Mohammed Ali As Sun’s Hero Of The Year ;Well Deserved

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Late Col Ali Hero Of The year; Pay Political Donations Announced.

Late Col Ali Hero Of The year; Pay Political Donations Announced. So yesterday, the Sun news paper did something that i consider amazing and very thoughtful to a well deserved family that perhaps spurred the attention and reactions of other people all aimed at making a positive difference i like to believe. It also served as an encouragement for people to do good works and make sacrifices.

Late Lt. Col. Mohammed Abu Ali who died last year as one of the casualties of the Boko Haram Insurgency was yesterday at the prestigious Eko Hotel Awarded by the Sun News paper as the Millitary Hero Of The Year.

The Sun news paper yesterday gave over 18 awards to people they believed had done well in their respective fields/nitch over the years but of all the awards given, its hero of the year award given to  Late Lt. CoL. Mohammed Abu Ali was the one award that was not only well deserved but also timely and well thought by the media house.

While The Sun news paper gave the Late Lt Col’s family their widow’s mite of N200,000, they created a platform and an enabling environment for others to do their bid.

Shortly after the Sun News paper’s presentation of the sum of N200,000 to the family, The Governor of Ogun State, Governor Ibikunle Amosun who won “Man of the year award” followed suit with the sum of N1million. His river state’s counter opted his own game by donating N1.5million.

A few more donations ranging from N1-2.5 million continued to pour in and for a moment it looked liked it was beginning to be polarized along APC Vs PDP axis.

This was finally confirmed when the PDP announced a donation of the sum of N5million and they were instantly followed by the APC doing a million above their (N6million).

By and large, total donations announced was within the ranges of N20,million.

But in the midst of all of that, i also took note of a couple of things which have necessitated this post.

The wife of the late soldier while she appreciated the efforts, was not moved at all by any amount of money donated by anyone in respect of her husband’s death it would seem to me from her appearance. while the rest of the world cheered, screamed and clap loudly at every donation, she just humbly stood and watched what was going on.

This made me to believe that, no amount of money was adequate for the life of her husband. In other words, if she had to chose between perhaps a thousand more of what was donated yesterday & the presence of her husband, there was no guessing what she would do.

While i’l like to think that some donations were genuine and a sign of true compassion, i also notice that Nigerian politicians as usual took the platform as an avenue for party dominance and perhaps campaign attempts.

It is very common of Nigerian politicians to make promises without fulfilling them. As a matter of fact, that seem to be the premise upon which they operate or function.

Under normal circumstances, these same people who were throwing their political weight around yesterday didn’t need to wait for a public platform to do the needful. but of course it is always about crazing every moment for their political ambitions.

all that done, the real part for concern is the fulfillment of these promises they all made yesterday.

Late Lt. Col. Ali’s family did not at any point ask for donations or contributions of any sort from anyone. However, if anybody will of their own voluntary will say he or she is donating money to the family,  they should endeavor to keep their words.



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