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Before Going Off The Grid;Here Is What The Obamas Said Last

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The Obamas last assurance before going off the grid.

The Obamas last assurance before going off the grid. So president Barack and Michelle Obama in the usual American tradition did the honors of handing over power to America’s in-coming president Donald Trump today.

But before they officially stepped down as Us 44th president and first lady, the Obamas made a heart worming call to the people of America to be a continual part of what they called “the presidential center”

President Obama and his wife Michelle on Friday announced to the people that they will be going off the grid for a while and may not be readily available as before. However, they also used the opportunity to issue a social media call out, asking people to share on how they will spend some of their time after leaving office.

The Obamas solicited ideas in a video to supporters for what projects they should pursue through the presidential center planed to be located on Chicago’s south side.

In a bid to assure the people they are still a team and that their opinions matter, they asked that the people sent in their ideas, hopes, believes about what they can collectively achieve together.

“This is going to be your presidential center just as much as it is ours. We want you to tell us what we should be thinking about as we get to work.” the first lady said to the people.

Describing the center, the former president said it will be more than a library of museums, it will be a living working center for citizenship and it will be run by the Obama Foundation.

The former president acknowledge that democracy is bigger than one person and as such enjoined his supporters to put the end of his democracy in perspective.

He also announce a couple of white house staff will be transitioning with him into the presidential center to continue the good work they have done over the years.

The first lady however, cautioned the people that they will first of all be taking a little break from the work. This she said is to enable them get some decent sleep and then to spend some time with their family therefore they may not be online quite as much as the people are use to having them.

It is very obvious that majority of Americans have not had enough of the Obamas and could still use a little dose of the former president and his family if allowed.


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