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New Lagos; Uniforms, Badges & Name Tags For All Bus Conductors

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New Lagos; Uniforms, Badges & Name Tags For All Bus Conductors.

It gets better. New Lagos; Uniforms, Badges & Name Tags For All Bus Conductors.

I think while its somewhat amusing imagining the picture of the new Lagos governor Akinwunmi Ambode is hoping to produce considering the history and caliber of the majority of its lower class native it is also something that if properly implemented and monitored, it just might give us a Nigerian version of a true mega city.

So in the not too distant past, the governor of Lagos state in a conference announced his intentions to introduce a policy that will completely eradicate the famous Danfo yellow commercial buses that form the history of Lagos considering how long they have been around.

A couple of weeks after this intention was made known to the general public, there was also proof of a handful supply of the expected new city buses he hoped to replace the Danfo buses with.

This policy according to the governor aimed aimed at giving Lagos a befitting appearance and life style it deserve and to also make life in Lagos appealing to residents and visitors alike.

Well the latest development i guess in connection to this intended change is that all Lagos bus conductors beginning from March this year 2017 will be expected to wear uniforms, badges and tags… Hilarious right? I thought so too.

But just before you either scream impossible or whatever it is that is on your mind to say, here are his reasons and if you either are living/have lived in Lagos or understand the history of Lagos, you will probably be able to see this from his point of view too.

  • The Uniforms are to ensure every Lagos conductor is easily identifiable by name as a legitimate bus conductor.
  • The name tags are to ensure that the conductor’s names can be recalled with ease by passengers in the case of any incidence.
  • The badges are to carry identification numbers. This is to make identifying the terminals of  conductors with criminal conduct easy so as to enable in fishing them out.

The sole aim is to eliminate criminal activities on the part of the conductors which is common in Lagos.  The policy is aimed at promoting good behavior among bus conductors in Lagos and ensuring both their safety and the safety of the passengers.

Meanwhile, the governor did not fail to reiterate that he intends to completely remove the Danfo Yellow buses off the face of Lagos hence all of these changes. He also re-emphasized his promise to replace the Danfo yellow buses with efficient, well-structured and world class metropolitan buses for an efficient transport system befitting of a mega city such as Lagos.

Well either way, its a win-win for Lagosians and visitors alike. Except of course for the Agberos (Area boys) . And who knows, maybe, just maybe this will be in their favor as well in the long run.

We will keep our fingers crossed and watch the drama unfold.

At the very least, we will watch history happen in our very presence. That’s worth it if you ask me.




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