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Historical Yellow Danfo Buses In Lagos To Be Banned Soon

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Famous Yellow Danfo Commercial Buses in Lagos to be Banned.

Famous Yellow Danfo Commercial Buses in Lagos to be Banned. So the serving governor of Lagos state, Governor Ambode in a bid to give Lagos a face lift befitting its name as a mega city has hinted on his intentions/plans to completely eradicate the famous and historical yellow Danfo buses.

Until the facelift, your description of a typical Lagos life without the inclusion of the Danfo buses and the experience on them will be an imperfect description.

Danfo buses are those commercial mini buses painted in yellow with two black stripes at the side. They are also one of the realities that make Lagos notorious. Lagos cannot do without them in a day because they convey thousands of commuters within the metropolis.

On the other hand, they are a means of survival for the owners, the drivers and the conductors. It is not out of place therefore to see a Danfo bus at a bus stop with the conductor shouting on top of his voice, “Ojuelegba, Ojuelegba straight, enter with your change oh, I no get change oh!” or Mushin Isale, Ojodu Begger among many other destinations.

This act by the conductor is merely to draw the attention of passengers who may be going towards Ojuelegba to his own Danfo bus, at the same time warning them to have their correct fare and avoid dispute over having to look for change.

It is also a common sight to see passengers and the conductor in physical combat when the Danfo bus develops fault and it’s unable to proceed with the journey. You will see passengers asking for a refund and this sometimes can turn in a fight between the conductor and passengers.

So by and large, you cannot talk about what makes Lagos what it is today, “both the bad and good” without mentioning the role Danfo plays in it. Danfo bus is at the center of the hustle and bustle of the Lagos city  called “Center of Excellence”. Danfo bus is therefore one major character that defines the Lifestyle of Lagos.

However, the serving governor of Lagos state, Governor Akinwunmi Ambode believes the presence of the Danfo buses in the city paints a negative picture of Lagos as a mega city and is thus not befitting of it.

The governor revealed his plans while speaking on “the challenge of Africa’s Future cities” at the 14th annual lecture of the center for values in leadership held at the Muson Centre in Onikan.

In his plan, he gave 3 reasons he believes the presence of the Danfo Buses in Lagos is a minus and not a plus on the identity of the city.

  1. One among his reasons is that with his plan to introduce a more efficient, well structured and world-class transport system, having the Danfos along side that will only make a mess of the proper transportation system and the impact of the new system may not be felt as it should be.
  2. Another reason for the governor is that, Lagos been a mega city, the presence of the Danfo buses in the mega city undermines the”Meganess” in the city. According to him, the buses do not befit the city for what it truly is and removing them is in the interest of the city and its inhabitants
  3. His final reason is that Lagos is running a faulty transport connectivity system. he says the presence of Danfo buses, Okadas and Tricycles on the roads and streets of Lagos every day makes the claim that Lagos is a mega city a false one. For him, as long as these other means of transportation in Lagos exist, Lagos can not successfully claim it is a mega city. Placing a ban on the buses will help people in the city move around with ease he believes.

Governor Ambode considers his actions one of a major event that if successfully managed, could bring a lasting impact on the lives of Lagosians and the people living around the city.


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