2:08 am - Wednesday October 18, 2017

Bye-Bye To Lagos Danfo Buses; Here Comes The New Replacement

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Here Comes New Replacement For Lagos Yellow Danfo Buses. So a while ago, the Governor of Lagos state Governor Akinwunmi Ambode made known his intentions to completely  eradicate the historical yellow Danfo buses that have been part of Lagos for as long as one can tell to replace them with something more of world-class standard.

His reasons for his actions were simple; Lagos is a mega city and the presence of the Danfos everywhere undermines the claim of Lagosians that Lagos is a mega city.

Apart from the fact that he believes this buses are not befitting of the standard to which Lagos is held, he also thinks that more than anything, the buses are not efficient.

They constitute more problems for the passengers than they proffer solutions as the owners of these buses most time seem to take advantage of commuters and hike prices indiscriminately knowing the commuters have little or no options.

And then there is the part of the lack of coordination in their operations where Agberos also known as area boys sometimes compel prices on owners in other to get their own share of the money. All of which end up been pushed to then passengers.

The introduction of the more efficient, well-structured and world-class buses as the governor calls them is aimed at eliminating all of the a fore mentioned bottle necks among many other challenges that the yellow buses pose on the people.

But more than eliminating the challenges on Lagosians, the governors foremost aim/priority is to change the face of Lagos in his tenure, giving it a world-class appearance that will be accepted  internationally.

It will not be out of place to anticipate that majority of the people benefiting from the existence of the yellow Danfo buses may protest the complete removal of the buses.

However, an attempt of offering something better in the place of the Danfos has been successfully conducted with Ikorudu road and Lagos/CMS roads although the yellow buses fly hand in hand with the mega buses. However, at least commuters are given the options to chose between the buses provided by the government and the yellow buses.

One of the challenges currently with the existing buses by the government is that, they are not in sufficient numbers yet hence some commuters sometimes end up having to use the yellow Danfo buses especially when time is of the essence.

We do hope however that the new arrangement will make adequate provisions to cover the majority of public transport users in Lagos.




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