2:09 am - Wednesday October 18, 2017

Donald Trump Finally Takes Office As America’s 45th President

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America's 45th President Donald Trump finally takes office.

America’s 45th President Donald Trump finally takes office. Most Americans were forced to swallow a hard  bitter pill today, one probably concurred by their inactions as they painfully watch the inauguration of Donald Trump into office as America’s new president against their wish.

In the American style and tradition, Donald Trump was today afternoon sworn into office and with the swearing in, power passed from one man to another in a 35 word oath like always.

But more than anything, this time, the Americans are thrown into uncertainty as majority do not know what the policies and aspirations of their new president hold for them or even remotely America as a nation.

While there is the growing tension and uncertainty as to what is to be expected from the Trump administration, Donald Trump on the other hand made no effort in dousing these fears. If anything, he reiterated his commitment to a leadership that is not by the books or remotely by the known tradition.

Trump left no one in any doubt that he intends to unleash what he called a new vision of “America first” on the world, delivering a brutal and unrepentant speech that made little attempt to soothe the world or begin the healing of an agitated and anxious nation.

He coined out a new sinister phrase called the American carnage. To him, this represent a vividly conjured image of inner cities he said were afflicted by crime, a political elite that had forgotten ordinary people, and a landscape of rusted factories like tombstones.

Also in his speech, while his opponent Hillary Clinton watched in silence a few painful feet away, Trump berated the Washington elites of both parties for ignoring the American people and allowing inner cities to fester in “crime and gangs and drugs”.

“The American carnage stops right here, right now,” he said. “From this day forward a new vision will govern our land. From this day forward it’s going to be only America first. America first.”

By and large, his inauguration while peaceful with a modest crowd was far from united with protesters were in a rush descending on the capitol droves in preparation for tomorrow Saturday’s women’s march on Washington Dc. A crowd expected to comfortably outnumber Trump’s Inaugural crowd.



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