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Americans In Numbers Oppose Trump’s Admin; Who Voted Him In?

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Americans oppose Trump's administration; Who voted him?

Americans oppose Trump’s administration; Who voted him? So i am wondering, are these Americans suffering from something that does not even have a name yet? or are they simply high on something really cheap?

CNN news among other major news outlets have reported Americans in their numbers and under different groups creating unnecessary unrest and protesting the Trump administration 1 day prior to his inauguration in office as the United State of America’s 45th president.

According to CNN, Protesters Thursday gathered on 14th Street outside the National Press Club to demonstrate against “DeploraBall,” an event organized by some of Trump’s most fervent supporters. The name riffs off the campaign description of some Trump backers by his defeated opponent, Hillary Clinton, as a “basket of deplorables.”

A couple of protesters were asked why they were protesting and their answers are somewhat hilarious to me.

Asked why she was protesting, a protester identified as Sarkodie said she was out protesting because she believed Trump’s alt-right’s vision for the country is not what they need.

“The alt-right’s vision for this country is not the one that we need. I’m out here tonight because I want to be part of the resistance efforts happening this week, and the resistance that’ll be happening the next four years.” she said.

CNN also noted that protesters are expected across the country’s capital today Friday the 20th January 2017 when Trump takes the oath of office. Also, women’s Saturday march on Washington DC is expected to attract almost had a million participants potentially making it one of the largest political rallies the country has witnessed.

Lacy MacAuley, a spoke person for the Disrupt 20 Organizer spoke with CNN and in her response, she said “We’re really trying to set a tone of resistance for the coming years, “Donald Trump represents a shift in our politics in a dangerous, harmful, exclusionary direction. We oppose those policies of hate.”

And there are a host of other protests mostly sponsored by Disrupt20 Organizers in conjunction with Occupy Inauguration Group, Black lives Matter and Standing Rock, all aimed at opposing Trump’s administration and his principles.

I only have a couple of questions for these Americans and everyone behind their protest

  1. Whose responsibility is it to decide who rules America?
  2. How did Trump emerge winner of the US elections?
  3. Where were they when the decisions for US next leader were been made?
  4. If they have this much of a voice and energy to conduct an after math protest, why did they not use it to cast their votes to ensure their candidate of choice emerge as US President?
  5. On the basis of what do they think Trump does not qualify as US president?

In my opinion, these people are been dealt the hand they deserve. I like to think that these are people who have the right to vote but on the day of election, sat back in their homes and took things for granted. The people who meant business about deciding who makes decisions over them were diligent enough to go out and vote and they made the final decisions.

All done and settled, these laid back folks are everywhere on the street causing unrest in the name of protest.

If you do not like Donald Trump, who’s fault is it he emerged president as opposed to who ever you would have preferred?

Its a good lesson for you all and i hope you have learnt from your mistakes. Next time you will endeavor to go out there and partake in the decision making if you truly want a thing.


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