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26 Women May Have Been Fertilized With Wrong sperm in an IVF Mix-Up

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Wrong sperm fertilize 26 Dutch Women;

Wrong sperm  fertilize 26 Dutch Women; Some Netherland women may have to raised children who’s fathers they may never know, neither had they any previous relationship with due to negligence on the part of the technicians or a procedural error at the dutch university medical center in  Utrecht (UMC).

Twenty-six women receiving a specialized fertilization treatment in Utrecht may have been fertilized using sperm from the wrong donor. Nine women receiving treatment have given birth while four are pregnant.

The Dutch medical institute announced this on Tuesday after they had realized the error and informed the public that investigations had begun into the incidence. According the them, a procedural error occurred between mid April 2015 and mid November 2016 and is most likely the reason for the mix up.

The center explained in a statement that during the fertilization, sperm cells from one treatment couple may have by accident ended up with the egg cells of about 26 other couples leading to the current situation. According to the Dutch University Medical Center (UMC), even though the chances of that happening are slim, the possibilities can not be ruled out.

The couples have been informed and the UMC said it will do everything within its powers to give clarity on the issue as soon as possible. Also, the UMC’s board regrets that the couples involved had to receive this news.

According to UMC, in vitro fertilization is a long and delicate process and it involves a series of procedures used to treat fertility or genetic problems and assist with conception. However, mix-up do occur including one in 2012 when a Singapore mother sued a clinic for negligence after it mixed up her husband’s sperm with that of a stranger.

For some of the 26 couples who have not yet given birth, frozen embryos are still available for them to decide what to do. But the chance remains that they too have been fertilized by the sperm from a man other than the intended father.

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