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Man Born Without Hand Gets Transplant in Warsaw

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Warsaw Surgeons successfully transplant Adult hand;

Warsaw Surgeons successfully transplant Adult hand; Surgeons in Poland, Warsaw have made history by successfully transplanting a hand from a dead donor to a man who was born without one. According to the neurophysiologist Adam Domanasiewicz who headed the team, the operation is the first in the world of an upper limb transplant for adults with as much defect.

Prior to now, similar procedures could and had only been performed on newborn Siemens or conjoined twins in Indonesia and Canada. Also, hands were been grafted to patience whose limbs were amputated but non had been done on an adult who was born without a hand.

According to Adam Domanasiewicz, this patient was born without a hand and has lived like that for over 32 years.

The patient who identified himself by his first name as Piotr, was also grateful for the surgery saying that he will for the first time be able to hug his family with both hands.

Although he at the moment can only move his fingers, the doctors are optimistic that over time, he will gain more mobility and be able to use the whole hand effectively. It will even feel warm to touch and heal itself when injured – but the operation is a long and complex one. Said Doctor Adam Domanasiewicz.

He also explained that during the six to 13-hour procedure, teams of surgeons worked to remove the donor hand while separate teams worked on the recipient.

Bones were joined with titanium plates and screws. Just as with a typical broken bone, (they should eventually heal together), but the plates remain in place to ensure stability.

Surgeons then connected key tendons and muscles, before blood vessels were connected.

Once blood is circulating, remaining nerves, tendons and muscles are attached – as the feeling in the hand should then come back. He explained

The surgery was performed at Wroclaw Medical University Hospital on Dec. 15 in an operation that lasted 13 hours.

Doctor Adam Domanasiewicz considers this an important breakthrough in the history of neurophysiology and the practice of transplanting saying that it was believed impossible in the past but this has demystified that believe and if delved into, can open up a whole new dimension to transplanting.

The operation he said could open up new possibilities to hundreds of thousands of people in the world born without members whose only option to date has been prostheses.

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