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5 Year Old’s Bravery In The Face Of Looming Death

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5year old Bradley knocks cancer;

5year old Bradley knocks cancer; Children simply are the best inspiration the world knows and will ever know. Even in the face of eminent death, it is amazing how graceful this 5year old courageously faces the remaining months of his life full of energy and contentment as he enjoys the activities he is passionate about and meet his favorite players.

Bradley Lowery, a five-year-old boy from Blackhall Colliery in County Durham with terminal cancer is seen leading his beloved Sunderland team out ahead of their match against Chelsea on Wednesday night.

He was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma in 2013 2years after he was born.  According to his mother Gemma, more than £700,000 was raised to pay for his anti-body treatment in the USA including a £200,000 donation from Everton. He was confirmed free of the disease after therapy and for 18 months, he was able to live his life a normal kid.

Unfortunately, the cancer returned June this year and treatment will only give him just a little more time with his family. His mother also said that treatment will mean Bradley will not be able to mix with people in the weeks to ensue. This will be to protect his already low immune system.

Surprisingly, in all of what has transpired, the little boy has made only 1 wish and that is to get as many Christmas cards as possible for what will be humanly considered his last Christmas.

A campaign to encourage people to send him the cards had been organized by an Everton fan and an amazing respond has been recorded.

On Tuesday13th December, reports reveal that Bradley had received over 11,000 Christmas cards in honor of his wish. A Facebook page was also created where people are directed on how to send him cards and gifts where his address is made available for this purpose.

Diagnosis say Bradley only has too months to live but the news of his soon to be death does not seem to interfere with the little boy’s zeal for life and the things he is excited about.

He was treated to the night of his life when he led out his beloved Sunderland team at the Stadium of Light before their game against Chelsea and there is excitement all over him as he scores a penalty goal against Chelsea.




I bet the last thing on his mind is the fact that medical report says he will die in 2months’ time.

Well there is nothing God can’t do. Medical report may have drawn a deadline on your life on earth but God hasn’t confirmed that yet. Hang in there little buddy.

The devil may just be in for a big surprise.

While there is no provision for us to send in Christmas cards from here, saying a prayer of faith for this little kid and believing God has heard you is more than i could ever have asked of all my readers.

Together, we can make a difference.

Source; www.belfasttelegraph, www.bbc.com, www.chroniclelive






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