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Somali Nationals Most Affected In Trump’s Deportation War

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Trump's first deportation greatly affects Somali nationals.

Trump’s first deportation greatly affects Somali nationals. So the sitting president of the United State of America Donald Trump  had as early as during his campaign days threatened to bring down war on immigrants in the states, particularly those of African origin should he become  America’s president and sure to his threats, he is keeping his word.

About 90 Somali nationals and 2 Kenyans were on Wednesday loaded on an American charter Airline (Omni) that arrived at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi after being deported from the US.

Most of these people are probably Somalian refugees who fled their home country as a result of the prolonged armed conflict in their country. And now they are been affected by Trump’s implementation of his pledge to crack down on illegal immigrants.

Security sources at the airport said the travelers were accompanied by security officers, who also accompanied the Somalis among the deportees to Mogadishu after their first landing at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi
Speaking with an an official of Jomo Kenyatta airport Zipporah Waweru, she confirmed that they had been a plane conveying mostly Somalis en-route  Mogadishu but she could not say with certainty that they were Refugees. She also noted that they left but to her, they seem happy so she does not think they had a problem with leaving.
While no one seem to be confirming that these deportees are refugees or that they have been forcefully evicted off American soil, there seem to be a few concerns about Trumps actions and perhaps also a few questions loudly begging for answers;
1. Trump had during his campaign vowed to kick out illegal immigrants should he become America’s president and even so at their own expense. However, he also said that his war was going to be on people with criminal records.
So if by chance the vast majority of the Somali deportees are refugees who didn’t chose their circumstances and may not necessarily have any criminal records, then there is the possibility that he is not only violating America’s agreement with the AU but also infringing on human rights.
Recall that Somali in particular has been an a prolonged arm conflict that left almost half of its population displaced, the result of which some had to seek refuge in other countries Kenya and America inclusive.  Somalia is currently grappling with over 1.1million internally displaced people and as such lacks the needed resources to handle a large scale return of refugees. Such services would include shelter, healthcare, education and the general security of the people.
So if the first victims of Trump’s policies are the Somalis refugees, the question here is policy wise, how does his action speak well on the Somalis especially owning to the fact that war had forced them to flee their country in the first place?


2. Trump had earlier disclosed his plan to sign executive orders which would impose a ban on visas to roughly 7  countries, some African with Islamic ties and going by his recent action, he will not hesitate to go through with his threat.
The question is, if he does start a ban on American visas to certain countries of the world on the condition of religious affiliations whether these individuals are guilty of any crime in particular or not, what message will he be passing across the entire world as president of one of the biggest countries?
3. In a Tuesday report, Trump was reported to have rolled out a series of immigration decrees. These orders will restrict immigration and access to Us soil for thousands of refugees fleeing their home country mostly because of war. The decrees were also to restrict access for visa holders from countries such as Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen, according to American media.
While Trump may have the legal power to limit refugee admittance and the issuance of visas to certain countries if his administration deems it fit, how world friendly are his policies? Considering the urgent need in the world at the moment for humanitarian assistance for refugees,  how much of empathy is Trump and his administration showing to the countries faced with the challenge of war?
Most importantly, what assurance does he have that America will one day not be a casualty of war having need for assistance from other countries?
This brings to mind Obama’s last warning to him that not consulting with the intelligence community before major decisions are made will be the most dangerous thing to do as a world leader. But then again, he thinks himself smarter than Obama right? I hope he is right on that.

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