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There is More to Learn From Nollywood Actress Mercy Aigbe-Gentry’s Husband Been Remanded In Prison For Wife Battery

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Domestic Violence Victim? You're Not As Stuck As You Think;


Domestic Violence Victim? You’re Not As Stuck As You Think;

So the Nollywood actress a few weeks or so back took up a case against her husband for beating her up to pulp to the office of the Lagos State Department Of Domestic And Sexual Violence Team, the office of the Lagos State Women Affairs and Poverty Alleviation Commissioner, Lola Akande, among other relevant authorities.

There has been a back and forth of denial, accusations and counter accusations between the couple for the period the case was undergoing close scrutiny.

In the process of all of that, pictures of the battered actress somehow managed to make it out to the open whether deliberately or otherwise. But you know how the internet is, the news spread like wild fire as proof that the accusations the actress leveled against her husband have some element of truth.

By and large the authorities handling the case have finally reached a conclusion where Mr Gentry is been remanded to the Kirikiri prison in Lagos.

While this in itself is not a palatable story and really should not be happening, it is happening and we have to accept what is on ground and find ways or solutions for the victims involved.

This post is to voice out to women undergoing domestic violence silently that if Mercy can get justice, so can you if only you will speak up. You just need to know where to go to and the information really is not hard to find.

But more than punishment for the offenders, you the victim can also be helped through existing structures particularly for your kind of situation and your life can be back on cause.

A lot of women have died in silence due to domestic violence partly because we the society have not been vigilant enough, but mostly because they on their part, refused to do the needful by speaking up and seeking needed help.

This is needless to point out the damage violence in the home could have done to their children caught up in a life like that.

I may not necessarily agree with the saying no marriage is worth dying for but at the very least, a marriage worth dying for should be the one that protects your interest as well and you are willing to die protecting it. Not you dying from been battered in the marriage.

I have said it on this platform more times that I can remember and I will keep saying it that nobody is alone in their situations, if only you can speak up.

There are structures to help every step of the way with your cases and even rebuild you psychologically. But at least you have to be willing to get help.

And then there is that angle where it would seem to me like there is a psychological twist to all of these violence against women from most men. I get this feeling that most of these people are somewhat unstable psychologically. This is apart from the fact that they most definitely were not properly raised.

Because I mean, how would you explain a situation where a man beats his own wife causing a lot of bodily damage and then turns to deny the whole act completely like it never happened?

Worse still they tend to reverse the order by accusing the victims of the supposed psychological disorder they may be suffering from for exposing them.

Does that sound normal in any way?

It is shocking how we have so many well placed, well dressed people freely going about who in actual sense should be in some psychiatric hospital tended to and not on the street.

Again, it is our collective responsibilities to protect one another and report cases of abuse around us should we notice the victims are incapacitated to speak.

And anyone undergoing domestic, sexual or any kind of violence considered to be criminal under our laws, just know that you are not as stuck as you think you are. There is help and you can get it so act, and act very fast.


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