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Agitations In The Niger/Delta Tamed; By Buhari Or Osinbajo?

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Niger/Delta Agitations Tamed; By Buhari Or Osinbajo?

Niger/Delta Agitations Tamed; By Buhari Or Osinbajo? Nigerian politicians wont stop amusing me.

So all this while, for over years of fighting, where lives and properties were lost, the president was more inclined to using military power to subdue the people than to embrace peace or dialogue with the Niger Delta people. He did not consider strongly the option of instructing someone who perhaps could dialogue better with the people on his behalf.

He is now far away on a medical vacation in a foreign land and the work is been done by his deputy to ensure that peace that has eluded the area for so long return.

All of a sudden, the news we hear is that the president instructed his deputy to fix the crisis in the Niger Delta, calling out in details all the areas Prof Yomi Osinbajo has been able to restore sanity and order as “the instructions the vice president was given by the president”.

This was confirmed by a top government official who spoke on anonymity. According to him, President Buhari instructed Osinbajo to make sure;

“all interests are brought to the table, regardless of parties or any other differing factors or cleavages.”

“The President also decided to play down the use of open military tactics and gave firm instructions on this ahead of his delegation instructions to the Vice-President to embark on the ongoing trips to Niger Delta states.”

“Besides, the President also asked the Vice-President to ensure that during the visits, the communities should be made to understand that the government is now interested in action and would do its own part.

He said: “It was also at the meetings the President held with his deputy that President Buhari firmed up the resolve that the Maritime University project in Delta State would be fully supported by the Federal Government.

“The Vice-President was also asked to secure from the communities a buy-in of peace and collaboration from state governments and the oil companies in particular.”

I only have one question to ask;

If the president could instruct Prof Yemi Osinbajo as his 2nd in command to restore sanity to the Niger/Delta region and bring an end to the incessant killings, why did he allow all of the destruction  that took place to happen?

While fully on ground, he could not delegate his deputy to do the work, it is now that he is far away in a foreign country, (meaning the deputy has more at hand without his superior) that the president is now able to achieve so much peace in the Niger/Delta.

I don’t even know if this is the work of the media or politicians just wont cease to amaze.

Can we stop playing cheap politics and be about helping Nigeria be one happy prosperous nation again?

The recent level of achievement in the Niger/Delta region with respect to restoring peace and development in the area is been done by the acting President Prof Yemi Osinbajo. Period.

Let us not create cheap relevance out of it by saying the president instructed this and that.

After all, they both were elected into office to work together and make Nigeria a better place. We don’t always have to give one man credit even when it is not his’ to take. Except of course this is another campaign strategy.

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