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Government Invites BBOG Group For A Tour To Sambisa Forest

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Government invite BBOG Group; Tour Sambisa Forest.

Government invite BBOG Group; Tour Sambisa Forest. So the federal government through its minister of Information and Culture Alhaji Lai Mohammed sent a letter of invitation to the bring back our girls group (BBOG) for a tour to Sambisa forest slated for today Monday 16th January 2016.

This letter according to the government was necessitated in recognition of the group’s continued efforts in ensuring the school girls in Chibok community Borno state which were taken by Boko Haram terrorists almost 3 years ago are all rescued.

Also, it is for the group to be fully intimated with the effort the government has been and is still making in ensuring the safe return of all chibok girls.

The letter addressed to the convener of the group Mrs Oby Ezekwesili asked for 3 nominees of the group’s members to join the government’s select officials, heads of the 3 joint task force ( Minister of Defence, Chief of Army staff and Chief of Airforce), a select number of journalists among other key players.

However, while the group acknowledged receipt of, and accepted the letter from the government, they requested a change in the date of the tour, opting rather for a pre-tour meeting with key members of the security team namely;

  1. The Minister of Defence
  2. Chief of Army Staff
  3. Chief of Airforce and
  4. National Security Adviser to the President.

This decision according to the group’s head was informed based on the fact that there are pertinent issues and questions they would like clarifications about ahead of the planned tour, questions with respect to a recent happening 2days prior to the invitation which in their opinion, raises eye brows and calls for questioning are also part of their request for a postponement.

In the group’s letter to the federal government, they alleged that, 2 days ago, the federal government owned news agency (NAN) reported through mass media that a certain group on a trip to the army head quarters to be received by the chief of Army staff witnessed an attack on the movement (BBOG). This attack on the group they claim is because the group was engaged in” Social Advocacy Terrorism”. A claim the group considers outrageous and slanderous.

The group considers it puzzling that the reported said visit happened barely 48hours before the movement got a letter from the government inviting them to participate in a joint tour, expecting them to travel in the company of the same chief of Army staff to Sambisa forest.

My Analysis

  • On the one hand, if the government truly intends for the group to participate in the tour, should thy not have been informed early enough to allow for all the necessary pre-meetings knowing fully well that they both are not exactly best of friends to be trusted with a leap and as such there will be suspicions of intentions even where they are supposedly good?
  • Couldn’t it have been planned in such a way as to allow for trust of interest first of all before hoping to successfully work together and hopefully also put the minds of a whole lot of other Nigerians in doubt of the government’s efforts to rest?
  • On the other hand, having received only a supposed short notice considering you have issues you will want to clarify with the government or certain members of its security team, could you not have found a way to ensure you are not left out in such a crucial tour as it will be your chance to confirm the much publicized efforts of the government about not only rescuing the girls but also ensuring the general return of peace?
  • As i understand, your group has grown beyond the borders of the chibok girls. While they may have kick-started your campaigns, your interests have evolved to cover corruption, injustice as is practiced in the Nigerian political system and general good governance all merging together to form your identity as a group.
  • If all of by perceptions or believe about your group are true, is it not a possibility that you could have made your demands a little minimal to ensure this tour does not hold without you for the sake of what you represent and the people who’s only hope of a better Nigeria is your effort?

My question here really is ” are we all still about lasting solutions to the problems of insecurity threatening us or we have shifted gear and this has become a power tussle game? Are we still prioritizing the needs of these vulnerable people as we have been believed in time past or  has it become a mix agenda all together?

It is important for us not loose track of what we all stand for or represent.

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