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Kano 13 Year Old Girl To Marry 56 Year Old Man Against Her Wish;

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Girl Child Violation;

Girl Child Violation; The more we talk about  human rights violations especially pertaining to the girl child, the more cases of violations spring up. it makes one wonder if the efforts are yielding the desired result at all.

You would expect that with all the recent abuse of the girl child challenges in Nigeria that propelled actions to to scale up campaigns on violations even from international communities, caution will be applied by those involved. However, there seem to be cases where children are still been violated and the numbers are not few.

A Quranic teacher in Kurna Babban Layi area of Kano state is reported to have completed plans to marry off his 13year old daughter Bilikisu next week Friday to his 56 year old friend against the girl’s wish, a man old enough to be her grand father.

Apart from the fact that the man in question is old enough to be this 13 year old’s grandfather, he also already has 3 other wives, grown up children and many grandchildren, some of whom may still be older than Bilikisu.

My question is what kind of life does anyone think this child is going to be subjected to in what is supposed to be a marriage? while we may wrap up this evil with an acceptable term called marriage, the truth is the real practice is child slavery.

Slavery even in adulthood has been abolished more than a decade ago, allowing children to be subjected to a practice which should attract punishment under the guise of marriage is sending a wrong message about us as a people and a nation and creating future problems for ourselves.

This case has become news because a relative of the girl who is aware this is against the child’s will has raised alarm. the relative on anonymity for safety reasons took her to freedom radio office in Kano State to initiate a media campaign against the marriage.

Confirming the story, the girl in question, said that she does not want the marriage and when ever the issue was brought up, she cried.

The Emir of Kano and the Kano state governor have been informed of the situation although there has not been any response from either of them
This is to the National Human Right Commission (NHRC), National Agency for the Prohibition of Traffic in Persons (NAPTIP) and all the other relevant stakeholders, please intervene and safe this girl’s life.
According to the relative who is trying to make sure the marriage does not hold, another of Bilikisu’s sister, same age is also been prepared to be married off the same day as Bilikisu’s.

If we do not act now, we do not know when it will be at our door step, the best way we can prevent that from happening is to not allow its existence in the first place.

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