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Genuine Acts Of Kindness Most Often Attracts Good Rewards; Couple Adopts Dying Neighbor’s 3 Kids & Their Lives Were Changed Forever-Video

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Couple's Lives changed Forever As They Adopts Dying Neighbor's 3Kids;


Couple’s Lives changed Forever As They Adopts Dying Neighbor’s 3Kids;

Sacrifices are not acts of convenience…Or at least should not be acts we expect to show when it is most  convenient for us.

Like the word, a sacrifice is considered a sacrifice only when it is made at a time that is most often than not inconvenient and this isn’t something anyone on the outside can tell you without you knowing it.

You know without any shadow of doubt as you probably make the decision trembling that “this one i am about to do is a sacrifice”.

Trading your comfort to help alienate people’s suffering in my opinion is the best thing  i can relate sacrifice to.

So i am naturally very emotional, it really does not take a lot of nice humble or emotional stuff to get my tears rolling freely, but certain things???? They simply just blow the cover or cut much deeper.

I found this piece  online about the FOX5 Surprise Squad and their surprise package for a family of 7 (Tisha Beauchmin, her husband & 5 kids) who had to adopt or open their hearts and door to a dying neighbor’s 3kids unprepared  and i was blown away. But much more than that, it called my attention to the necessity or importance of an act of kindness every once in a while.

Tisha Beauchmin & Husband

Tisha’s 5+3 Chidren











In a deeper sense, it showed me how deep some people are with respect to giving of themselves and the truth is the world will be a better place when we have more of people who will go such extra miles for others.

I have tried putting the video here using the link showing above so you can watch directly from here but for some reason i am not able to figure, it just keeps giving me the link instead of the video itself. So guess you are going to have to follow the link or copy it and paste in a new tab on your browser to enable you watch too. But i must tell you it is a MUST WATCH… I can guarantee that it will touch some vital part of you.

Yes this story may be a little overwhelming for some other people but guess what? You do not necessarily have to adopt an entire family to show your own kindness. In fact for some people, all that is required of you is occasionally feeding that family in your area that struggles every time to put food on the table for the kids and you are aware of. For some, it just might be your security man, or house help  that needs your assistance.

It will amaze you to know how far N1,000 can go or what it can do for a family if only you are opportuned to know.

Helping an old person cross the road at a not so convenient time can for some other person be the golden ticket God needs to lift you to places of immeasurable blessings.

If there was ever a time that we should be sensitive to the needs of people around us, it will be now. Especially in Nigeria, we have never been economically where we currently are at the moment and trust me 60% or even more of Nigerians are worst hit by the recession. This is needless to point out that this percentage implies over half of the nation’s population is in serious struggle.

The frustration you see on the face of the person sitting next to you in a public transport who ordinarily should be pleasant is not because he or she is naturally mean. It just means that he has been pushed to a point where he is fighting so hard not to cave in and sarcasm or common courtesy are the least of the considerations on his list of to have or practice. Understand with him/her.

Very hard working people, and in some cases people who have the qualifications and have put in enough effort to afford them a decent life barely can make ends meet in Nigeria at the moment and that can eat you up.

The least we can do not to add up to already existing frustration and pain is to show a little kindness in whatever way we can no matter how little. It will make a difference.

In some unbelievable cases, it just might be a word of encouragement someone needs from you and denying them of that could lead to regrettable consequences.

That i write about these things does not mean that i have achieved all of the height. The re-enforcement is for both you and i together. Some of us may already be in full gear touching lives positively, this is a little encouragement for you that there is reward for what you do. And for those of us who need to do better, this is to say that it can be done no matter how little.

And there is always a reward, no matter how late when these sacrifices are genuine.



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