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Died Of Hunger While Breast Feeding; The 2-Sides To Exclusive Breast Feeding

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The 2-Sides To Exclusive Breastfeeding; What You Must Know;


The 2-Sides To Exclusive Breastfeeding; What You Must Know; So we all know that exclusive breast feeding for the first 6months of your infant days is the best deal you can go for ever.

This is not just because it has been recommended by doctors but older mothers have tested and confirmed that the benefits are inexhaustible.

The sum product of which is a well formed child with no health complications whatsoever.

That said, it is also important for us not to go all out with a believe or even fact at the experience of caution should we see the need for it.

This post was prompted by the unforgettable experience and story of a mother who in a way also confirmed my own experience at the initial stage when I had my child and I just thought that I should put it out should in case a mother finds it useful.

Please note that this post may not be for everyone, but I am sure it is for someone especially first time mothers.

So I had my child a little over 2 years ago and the first week/month we returned from the hospital, I noticed she was sucking nonstop and never getting satisfied.

When she was born, she did not suck for an entire day after all attempts by the nurses to make her suck.

At some point, I was advised by the nurses on doctor’s instruction to get NAN infant milk which the nurses tried to spoon feed her but had very little success.

I on the other hand was of course determined to try exclusive breast feeding as much as I could even though I and my husband had agreed that she will take water from inception.

(By the way, the water thing was the best decision we made because guess what? My daughter can drink water for Africa and that alone almost always takes care of an attempting health challenge even before it rears its ugly head fully)

I remember she broke down with some kind of fever at 9months and because we did not go to the hospital almost immediately, she was so badly dehydrated that the doctors were alarmed. They tried drip to re-hydrate her but getting a vein was tug of war. My husband just asked the doctors if she could take the water directly and they made available for us a version she could take directly.

They didn’t believe what they saw and had to ask us how we managed to achieve that. It saved the day for us as even the doctors admitted.

Simply put, water is of a truth life and teaching your children the habit of drinking water regularly will save you a lot.

Anyways, that is by the way. Back to why we are here…

So when we got home, I ditched the NAN and went back to trying to get her to suck.  By the way, they had succeeded in getting her to suck my breast directly from the hospital before I left so I just got home and took it up from there.

But I noticed that the more she sucked, the more she cried in dissatisfaction and at some point, I was overwhelmed and my husband asked that I try the NAN again.

Please as a first time mother, there is a procedure to mixing infants per-packaged milk. I am saying this because in most instances, for one reason or the other, mothers are not informed appropriately and not mixing your infant’s baby milk right can cause your baby more harm than you can ever imagine death inclusive.

On no account should you mix your infant’s milk with hot or warm water… while the water must always be boiled, it has to be brought to room temperature where it is almost on the cold side before you can use for your baby’s milk.

Please note that what nurses refer to as warm is not the warm you know as an adult if they don’t expanciate that for you. Your version of warm is actually too hot for your infant’s milk. And your tongue can’t be the testing tool for your infant’s milk either. Always use the back of your hand to test.

So as I was saying, the moment the feeder got to her moth, I couldn’t believe the rush she gave it. I was so intrigued because we tried the same NAN at the hospital and she wouldn’t take so what changed?

Again, if you have to result to Tin milk for your infant, please ensure to avoid using feeding bottles as much as it is possible. It is important that you stick with a cup and spoon. Except of course you are sure that you can be cautious enough to avoid any complications arising from the misuse of feeders. There are health reasons for that and I learned all the hard way from my experience.

But then her rush for the NAN milk didn’t last long, within a week of trying, she had started displaying displeasure at the milk and would always prefer the breast milk.

Maybe it was coupled with the fact that I at the initial stage was not even mixing it right. I remember her having serious conticipation as a result at some point.

So on this fateful day, I had to be out in the morning and was scheduled not to be back till about 3 in the afternoon. My husband was home for the day so he was going to keep watch and I had to extract for them for the period I will be away.

This was about the 3rd week or so after she was born and the discovery I made that day, the memory of it will never leave my head.

It was a very devastating experience to find out that all along, what was coming out of my breast was way too insufficient to sustain her. The bulk of the time she was sucking, she literally got nothing and I think I did notice those moments but because I was inexperience, I could not put it together.

I notice that occasionally while pulling so hard at my breast, she will get angry and unleash a frustrating cry and I on the other hand will even be scolding her for it… Can you imagine what ignorance can do?

By and large, my attempt at extracting saved my child because it help me discover that she was not getting enough and as such was been under fed.

Of course I immediately got proactive seeking every possible means to increase my milk production since I even notice she didn’t like the tin milk.

I did not always have enough and the times we couldn’t get enough, we augmented with the tin. She did not like it as much as she did the breast milk but it at least took care of momentary hunger until what was best was available. I got successful in a way and the situation was thankfully saved.

Now the above was my own experience… But a mother elsewhere Jillian Johnson was not so successful because she did not discover that that was the situation until it became a medical case and before she could know it, she lost her child Landon to starvation.

As a matter of fact, hers was not even a case of complete ignorance on her part. The medical practitoners she depended on simply failed her with their unflinching campaign for exclusive breast milk.

According to her, she and her husband took all the anti natal classes and bought and red all the books. She was even been monitored when she had her son and was still at the hospital by the lactation consultant who told her all was well.

In her words, she said;

“Every class and book was geared toward breastfeeding and how it’s so important if you want a healthy child,” “Landon was on my breast all of the time. The lactation consultants would come in and see that ‘he had a great latch and was doing fine’.”

Mrs Johnson said she was encouraged to exclusively breastfeed and was closely monitored by nurses, lactation consultant and doctors.

“If I had given him just one bottle, he would still be alive.

“The best advice I was given by one of his NICU doctors while he was on life support is, ‘Sure breast is best, but follow with the bottle’.”

According to her, only one lactation consultant mentioned she might have a problem producing milk because of the hormone imbalances caused by polycystic ovary syndrome she suffers from and recommended some herbs to help once discharged.


I am writing this because a lot of us in a bid to keep up with the recommendations against all odd, we ignore the warning signs. Most times some of us call it compromise.

Well here is the thing, depending on your angle, compromise is a relative term and not exactly bad in itself. There is constructive compromise.

I mean to what use is it for you to insist on exclusive breast feeding when your body is not producing sufficient milk for the need of your infant’s body?

If you have been successful in ensuring that your body produces enough milk for your child, that is fantastic and truth is in some instances, it is actually our habits that are responsible for the low yield and that can be corrected.

However, there are few cases like the mother who lost her child where the best is done but the produced quantity just isn’t enough.

Now in such situations, the most unwise thing a mother can ever do is to deny her child the right to satisfactory feeding of using substitute food by insisting it must be breast milk.

The end result of such actions most likely will be either a malnutrition/health complication or the complete loss of the child.

No mother who will go through 9months of pregnancy should want to do all that and loose a child in a way that could have been prevented.

Breast feeding exclusively is the best means of starting up your infant and there is nothing that is at the moment higher in value.

That said, in the instance where your body cannot supply enough of the needed quantity, it is okay to use substitute food.

Your child will be just as healthy especially when even God knows you want the best.


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