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Newborn Twins Abandoned by Mother In a Lagos Hospital

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Lagos Mother Abandon Newborn Twin Babies;

Lagos Mother Abandon Newborn Twin Babies; While others will give anything to be parents to their biological children, some others run away from the responsibility of parenting. Indeed one man’s joy is sure another’s dread. Maybe circumstances sometimes contribute in making people appear like monsters.

A Lagos hospital Felken Maternity Center precisely in Somolu confirmed the news making rounds that a lady by name Sarah Adeyemi absconded the hospital after giving birth to twin baby girls since 16th of December 2016. According to report, the lady ran away leaving the children behind because her husband Mr Adeyemi Ademola could not offset the Balance of the hospital bill for the delivery totaling N150,000.

The husband Mr Adeyemi confirmed that he has not been able to pay all of the bill. According to him, he was not at home on the day his wife delivered. He was asked to pay a total of N300,000 of which he sent a deposit of N20,000.

The nature of his job did not allow him to make it to the hospital immediately but he visited the hospital soon as he was off duty to negotiate with the hospital for an installmental payment. He was however turned down by the hospital management even though he made them understand people were owing him too to a tune of over N1million.

According to Mr Adeyemi, he had emptied his account to a tune of N60,000 on the day his wife ran away from the hospital to offset half of the total bill of N300,000 and was still making efforts to complete the remaining.

He however did not understand when he was in the cause of everything informed the Divisional Police Officer of Somolu Police Station wanted to see him and that he had been given a letter.

From the hospital management angle, Sarah was not a registered patient, she was brought in by a birth attendant in a critical condition and with no relative accompanying. They had to bring in specialists to stabilize her and then deliver her.

Her husband was contacted before hand and an agreement bout bills was reached. However, 7 days after she had delivered, he was yet to hold his own end of the obligation which led to their inviting the police authorities.

He is also of the opinion that Sarah may have abandoned the children for more than just money excuses.

According to report, Sarah has been married before and has 5 children from her first marriage.  She was however not prepared for twin children and was overwhelmed about the responsibility of having to cater for 7 children.

On the other hand, Mr Adeyemi Ademola also confirms that he has been married before with no issues. Pressure from family members made his first wife Oluwabunmi ask him to take in a second wife, one that will be able to give him children and that led to his marrying Sarah.
Recounting on the issue he said that he has not set eyes on Sarah since she ran off leaving the babies behind but that his first wife is nursing the babies at the hospital. He also said that he has deleted Sarah’s phone number from his Phone, he can not be bothered about her where about and does not want anything to do with her anymore.

According to him, if Sarah can abandon her own new born babies who are barely 2weeks on the pretext of financial challenges, what will she do when he is faced with bigger challenges?

“I don’t know where she is right now. But I don’t really care about her. I have asked myself, if a woman could do something like this to less than two weeks old babies, what will happen if I had a bigger challenge in the future? So, I don’t want to have anything to do with her again,” he said. query


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