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162 Rape Cases Confirmed In Just A Year In Lagos

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Lagos confirm 162 rape cases; 1 year;

Lagos confirm 162 rape cases; 1 year; You would think that with all the campaigns done, awareness created, and the effort at increased penalties for violent against women, the numbers should be dwindling, however, year after year, there seem to be high numbers of rape and domestic violence cases in most parts of the country Nigeria inclusive unfortunately.

The Lagos state commissioner of police Mr Fatai on Tuesday 13th December 2016 revealed 180 as the number of cases of domestic and sexual violence against women in just Lagos in the past 1 year. 18 of the cases were said to be domestic violence and a whopping 162 said to be rape and defilement cases in particular.

While these numbers are high and troubling, most tragic is the fact that only a minute potion from the total number of 162 cases have been successfully addressed with four victims secured.

In a town hall meeting tagged “optimizing security funding in a recession” organized by the Lagos state security trust fund, Mr Fatai admitted that the major challenge in combating this menace is the inability of both the victims and the community at large to speak up.

Most disturbing in his revelations from findings is the fact that majority of these violations are carried out by claimed religious leaders hence the tightened conspiracy of silence.

Mr Fatai also revealed that 51 cases of kidnapping have been recorded in Lagos alone in the past 1 year and Ijede, a community in Ikorodu accounted for the highest number of the kidnapping cases (47) among many other heinous acts.

While these revelations are not in favor of the victims, the most devastating aspect of all of these is the fact that  from evidence, victims have encouraged the continues act of violent against women by choosing rather to live in denial and suffer the aftermath in silence than speak up and encourage legal actions against the perpetrators.

while it behooves on the victims to speak up so as to encourage and enable successful legal actions against the perpetrators, it is also the duty and responsibility of the general public to encourage victims to speak up.

We all can do this by reporting suspected cases of violations in our environments. I believe this will serve as a spring board for victims who ordinarily will not speak up to stand on and fight for their rights by pursuing legal actions against their offenders.

If you are not a victim today, it is not a guarantee that you will not be tomorrow. the truth is no one has to be. If we stand up today, we can ensure no one ever has to be a victim of sexual or domestic abuse now or in the future.



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