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7 Year Old Burnt To Death In Lagos For Food;The Authorities Are Mute

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7 Year Old Burnt To Death In Lagos For Food;The Authorities Are Mute

You see, that this happened is right now not my problem and shouldn’t be your either if we couldn’t stop it.

However, the fact that the authorities that be, up until now have not initiated arrest or any form of investigation into why an obviously hungry child who out of desperation attempted to steal to eat is killed by people who I am more than sure have committed more heinous crimes.

A 7 year old in Lagos yesterday was lynched and then burnt to death for allegedly attempting to steal garri.

Please note the following;

  • This child is a minor, which means that to a large extent, it is somebody’s responsibility to provide the basic needs for him food inclusive. So if a 7 year old is in the street trying to steal garri, in my opinion, it is not even his fault that he has found himself in his condition. Some adult have failed him and now he has to try to fend for himself.
  • Nigeria on the other hand has been in a recession for some time and that is eating hard on families especially those who do not have steady sources of income.
  • Unfortunately, 80% if not more of Nigerians do not have a steady sources of income.
  • Nigeria is a democratic nation with the appropriate constituted authorities for tackling crime should the need arise.
  • Nigeria is ranked no 1 on the list of world’s largest economies with over $500million GDP. The next country to Nigeria in this ranking is south Africa and its figures are not even anywhere close to that of Nigeria

Unfortunately, in spite of this overwhelming level of productivity as is evident in our GDP indices, Nigerian citizens remain among the poorest of people on the face of the planet.

Worse still, Nigeria has the greatest number of its citizens displaced all over the world living in deplorable conditions.

All these are pointers to the fact that the government of this country has not only failed Nigerians but even itself as sooner or later they will be no hiding place for anyone or their families and true justice will have to take its cause.

Nothing can be more pathetic than a nation blessed in such magnitude to have its citizens live in penury or total lack to the point where children will be executed in cold blood because of food.

If a nation’s adult who children should look up to begin to violate the rights of these children, where is the hope of such a nation?

Nigeria has the longest history of corruption practiced by the political class and no body has killed any politicians whose theft is usually in billions. Worse still, we tend to celebrate them for their audacity.

It s this same corruption that in spite of Nigeria’s supposed robust economy,  it is a recession we now have instead of surplus.

It is this same corruption that has robbed the masses of their fair share of its nation’s wealth, leaving majority of the people with the options of crime among others.

Unfortunately, it is also this political class that happen to make laws that govern the common man

You know a country is on the brink of extinction or headed for the worse possible disaster when things such as this barbaric and unforgivable act perpetrated on this child not only go on unchecked but also begin to look like its normal.

A nation or state with a sitting government, whose citizens, even the minors are executed in cold blood without any immediate actions from the appropriate authorities send clearly the following signals

  1. That it is operating under a curse and do not have control of the forces steering it, hence these unchecked acts
  2. That sooner than later, not only will it no longer exist, but even in extinction, it will still be made to pay for its crimes and no one will be spared the wrath
  3. The the hand that they have dealt its citizens will most definitely be the hand they will be dealt. But more than that, it will be in an increase measure.
  4. That because it ignored the cry of the helpless amongst it, itself will cry countless number of times and will not be heard by anyone.

Source; buzznigeria.com

See also; www.naij.com, naijaexclusive.net


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