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14 year Old Ugandan Insist She is 18 Years So She Can Get Married

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14 Year old Ugandan girl marry 22 year man;

14 Year old Ugandan girl marry 22 year man; Police in Ugandan according to their laws recently interrupted the wedding ceremony of an under aged Ugandan girl to a 22 year old Talyaka Swaliki. According to local report, the 14 year old girl who is a school drop out is said to be 4 months pregnant for the supposed groom. The groom also confirmed to the police that they had been dating for the past 2years.

The event venue was turned upside down with relatives and guests running to safety to avoid arrest as the police moved in on the couple after they had finished the marital rights known as Okuwowa by their tradition. The groom was about to take his new bride home but all of that changed.

Surprisingly, the girl during the interrogation at the station denied been underage. She told the police she was 18years old and accused them of interrupting her wedding. ” I am not young and i don’t know why the police interrupted our wedding. I asked my parents for permission to marry my husband because i love him”

The parents Mr Abdu Kalimu Ngobi and Faridah Kagoya also collaborated her story confirming that she is 18 and was been married off at her request. “She dropped out of school and told us that she wanted to marry the man who is responsible for her pregnancy and as practicing Muslims, we obliged to her request” said her father Mr Ngobi.

Speaking with the groom, he confirmed her parents asked for a bride price of 200,000 Shillings ($55), a goat and other demands made of him which he obliged and paid. I have not been in the know that she is under aged.

Bride’s Father Mr Abdu Kalimu Ngob (Left) & Bride’s Husband Talyaka Swaliki (Right)

While the regional police spoke person Mr James Mubi confirmed that both the girl’s parents and the groom were charged with marrying off an under age girl and defilement respectively, a group of residents were reported to later storm the police station demanding the arrest of the suspects.

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